Time to Clear Out The Cobwebs


Happy Spring Equinox!  The time has come to flow with the natural rhythms of the earth, cleanse, and plant “seeds” for the months ahead.

In my home, our annual spring cleanse occurs on or just after the spring Equinox, and it is a full body, mind, Spirit, and space cleanse!  We do so much more than dust the cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling – we clean out the cobwebs of the body, mind and Spirit as well.

I’ve started our cleanse with the cleaning of our physical space, our home.  We purged items we no longer want or need, from all rooms of the house where necessary, and donated to our local shelter and ReStore.  Couch cushions were removed and debris vacuumed from the cracks and crevices – how does all that get in there?  Bed sheets were freshly laundered.  My home office/therapy room to-be was decluttered to the point that it looks more like its intended purpose than a storage room for odd items after our move!  We even dusted – well, my son did, and I love him for it!

This physical cleaning often dubbed “spring cleaning” is a wonderful way to set yourself up for the internal cleaning of the body, mind and Spirit.  After all, cluttered space, cluttered mind!  We have family visiting this week, so we opted to push our internal cleansing back a week.  We have our list of what foods we won’t be eating highlighted and visible to make staying on track easier for everyone.

So what exactly do we do for our body cleanse?

Last issue I mentioned a cleanse kit put out by Harmonic Arts in B.C.  I really love this company. They also offer a 14 day cleanse booklet, and you can even join in the online community for the cleanse on their Facebook page.  We’ve been loosely following this cleanse for a few years now and love it.  Since we already eat a whole foods plant based diet, we amp up the cleanse a bit by adding in some additional cleansing superfoods and superherbs to assist our bodies with the release and detoxification process.  Chlorella powder is one such item.

In short, we eliminate all sugar, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol for 14 days.
For us, this means no sugary fruits (bananas, pineapple, mango etc.), no natural sweeteners (pure maple syrup, raw honey), no potatoes or rice.  (We rarely have caffeine with the exception of green tea, we rarely consume alcohol, and we rarely have gluten with the exception of the occasional sourdough spelt bread.  Processed foods, animal products, and soy are already excluded from our regular diet.)

We’ll be filling our bellies when hungry with a plethora of organic produce, leafy greens in particular, vegetables, andSpring cleanse with green foods, ginger, lemon. berries, in the form of smoothies and juices, soups and hearty stews. Quinoa is always there to save the day if we’re wanting a grainy substance.

In addition to these foods, we use the Cleanse Kit from Harmonic Arts, which includes tinctures for liver and digestion, and a cleanse tea; we’ll also add in daily doses of chlorella, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, grapefruit, and lots of pure living spring water.

Whenever I do a cleanse, I amp up my self care routine to support my body, mind and Spirit. Things like tongue scraping, dry skin brushing, Himalayan salt baths with essential oils, meditation, gentle Yoga, walking outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, smudging, affirmations, gratitude practice, and lots of breathwork are some very effective and inexpensive (or no cost) examples of my favourites.  If it is within your budget, consider either pairing or following your cleanse with a series of colonics and massage to further support and assist your body in “cleaning house.”

Remember, this is what WE do.  It doesn’t have to be what YOU do!  Find the right fit for where you are at right now.  Do challenge yourself, but be gentle and compassionate too.  Cleansing isn’t all roses, depending on the state you’re in when you begin!

Start where you are.

I promise, your entire being will thank you on the other side.  And you’ll have a really clean house! You’ve got this.

All my love,

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