Fermented Raw Honey and Garlic

Get yourself prepared for the so called cold and flu season by making this immune boosting recipe ahead of time to have on hand, for both prevention and to assist your immune system if the bugs do get the better of you! In the past I’ve done the old poke a raw clove of garlic into a spoonful of honey, chomp it once or twice and swallow it down. Not this year!

  • 4 oz mason jar
  • organic garlic cloves to fill the jar – about two bulbs
  • raw honey to fill the jar – about 1 cup

Peel away extra skin from the garlic bulb and break apart the individual cloves. You don’t have to peel them completely, but you can! Fill your jar. Pour the honey over the garlic cloves and poke it down into the jar to get between the cloves and remove air bubbles. I used a chopstick. Top up the jar with honey again and repeat the poking process. Cover tightly with a lid and leave it on your counter top out of direct light to ferment.  Tiny bubbles will appear during this process.  Occasionally stir the contents to ensure all garlic is immersed. 

You can start using it as soon as you like, however, this one only gets better with age.  The image above is a ferment that is over 6 months old.  You can take a spoonful a day for prevention and strengthening, and up the dose if the bugs get ya!