Welcome to Breathe Live Believe. I am so happy you have followed your Divine intuition to discover more about Yoga, High Vibration Living, and holistic wellness. This is one more step towards effecting positive change in your life and on this beautiful planet. The road ahead will be invigorating, challenging, educational and transformative. The time is Now. Let’s SHIFT and grow together!


Breathe. Live. Believe. Educating people about Yoga, spirituality, eco-conscious living and holistic wellness is my passion. These aspects of living a High Vibration lifestyle are the foundation of everything I do, underlying all services offered to spread awareness of how to live healthfully in mind, body and spirit, and live lightly on our beautiful planet.


Ecological Awareness, Sustainability, and Compassion
I am committed to eco-conscious and compassionate living, on and off the mat, inside and out.

Inner Harmony, Spirituality, and Spreading Awareness
I promote, encourage, and teach these values in every class, workshop and gathering to bring people into a higher state of consciousness to effect positive change in our community and on all of Mother Earth.

Passion, Integrity, and Community
I live my “work.” It is my purpose to spread love, light, peace and healing to all beings and to our planet. The teachings and practices of Yoga and High Vibration Living permeate my daily life and I attempt to lead by example in all I do, for purification of Self and the Earth.

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Leanne Wierzbicki

CYA-E-RYT500, BEd, HBA Eng.

Intuitive Trauma Sensitive Hatha Yoga Teacher, Yoga For First Responders Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Herbalist in Training, Featured Thought Leader Content Contributor, Author of the forthcoming book, “Soul Food: Transitioning to Compassionate Whole Food Choices That Heal Body, Mind and Spirit”


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The Breathe Live Believe 200 ytt was everything a teacher training needs to be, and so much more. Leanne  has created this training from a place of integrated knowledge, pure wisdom and directly from the heart. It allows the student to be supported by community while uncovering layers of the Self as you move through this journey. A truly holistic approach, I can’t imagine having done any other training, and hope that your heart guides you to follow.

Ava Schriver-Dunn

Founder/President, The Mind Vault Network

“I have had the privilege of working with Leanne during our Quantum Transformation Weekend Intensive, where she guided students through a very powerful Yogic Breathing/Meditation session, which was instrumental in facilitating great internal shifts and deeply healing releases for those involved. Leanne is a phenomenal teacher and her wealth of education, experience and professionalism is obvious when working with her. She has an amazing knack for integrating her discipline and focus in her work with her compassionate, intuitive and free Spirited nature. It’s a beautiful fusion and proof of her mastery of her Art. Leanne’s love for teaching her Spiritual Practice is expressed in her very peaceful Presence and she is very proficient at helping her students feel welcome, supported, and empowered every step of the way. If you are desiring to explore your inner Self, want to find a sense of peace, health and well being, then Leanne is the perfect Coach for your journey. Authentic, humble, and caring, Leanne is the real deal!”  September 26, 2014

Sheriden Barnett

Principal, Boreal Centre For Dispute Resolution

“Leanne is a truly holistic Yoga practitioner, teacher and trainer, with in depth knowledge of the physical body, based on her years of study of kinesiology and training as an athlete. She is grounded in the Spirit both personally and professionally and lives her Karma in daily life in a truly organic way. I would highly recommend Leanne to prospective clients. Namaste.”  February 24, 2015


“It is always a treat for me to visit Leanne’s booth and see what delicious concoctions she has available.  I’ve never been able to eat cheesecake and feel AMAZING after!  The nut milks, puddings, hummus, soups, sprouts, chili, you name it, it’s all wonderful; and I am so thankful for all the work that goes into offering these food selections and encourage you to go try for yourself how delicious plant-based whole foods can be.  Leanne’s products and her great energy have helped keep me on my path honouring myself and my body with real nutrition.”  April 15, 2015

Todd Cameron

Founder/Owner, Lateral Line Shark Expeditions

“I have known Leanne for years; and have watched her evolve into the holistic plant-based lifestyle that she has amazing passion and energy for – she is a Peaceful Warrior! 🙂 ”  April 11, 2015


“Due to some health challenges, I have been forced to temporarily be on a diet of liquids, purees and soft foods.  This is no easy feat for an active person who loves food.  The items I pick up at the Market from Leanne have made a world of difference for me, and has changed my relationship with food for the better.  Trust me when I say I have had A LOT of soups over the last 2 months, store bought and home made by myself, different people, and even restaurants, but Leanne’s Carrot Coriander Coconut soup definitely takes the win fro flavour, tastiness and healthiest out of the bunch.  Go visit her at the Market.  It’s worth it!”  February 25, 2015

Jessica Vandenburg

“Leanne is an exceptional teacher, life coach and friend. I first met Leanne in 2006 as a personal trainer. I was overweight and afraid of change. Leanne helped me over my fears and taught me the first steps to eating healthy and caring about myself – not just about losing weight and looking good, but really feeling good and being healthy. Through her encouragement I came to challenge myself and reach new goals, like running my first 30km within the year and (gasp!) enjoying vegan food.

As it does, change came and Leanne moved away. Yet, even across distances, she remained supportive and an encouragement.

Over the past couple years we as a family have continued to improve our life. We’ve left behind our favourite sugary and fat-laden “food” in favour of fresh local foods and exchanged materialism and consumerism for living simply and helping others. Through it all- the challenges, the unknown and the criticism of others – Leanne has been a rock. She is always quick to listen, wise in her advice, and a wonderful example to look up to. We are truly fortunate to know her.”  December 28, 2012

Katherine Keeping

Lightworker, Owner of Gratitude Gem Oils

“Leanne is a knowledgeable yoga teacher with a great deal of compassion for her students as they learn and grow. She is someone who is always actively learning about her passions. She walks the Earth with integrity, and works to discover green products to share both in her Green Yoga store and with her friends. It was a great honour to have my products carried in her Green Yoga store and a great pleasure to come to know her as a friend.” September 27, 2012

Debbie I.

“Breathe Leave Believe is a unique eco-conscious sangha where you are treated as an individual with the opportunity to practice and learn about Yoga from an expert teacher and team of instructors.  Enforcing social silence in the studio provided a place for the busy manager in me who loves the chance to focus and be calm.  Leanne’s sangha and Yoga practice with her provided me with a sense of calm and refuge as well as strength and purpose during a tough period of my life.  Leanne is one of those rare people, that may come into your life once in a lifetime, who leaves a lasting impression through their impact with guidance on many levels beyond just Yoga practice. She is a teacher at heart and has a wealth of knowledge to offer students who are interested to improve their nutritional health, educating about the power of crystals or inspiring you through reading of quotes about the world of Yoga during your session.

My overall physical, mental and spiritual health improved through regular [private and class] sessions.  I have developed a life long desire to continue with my Yoga practice that I started a few years ago.  The sangha provides healing energy through the atmosphere that you feel from the moment you enter the door.  You learn to do Yoga safely with attention to proper posture that is right for you, with modifications always available and hands on demonstration; [these] are all part of the learning journey at this sangha.  I highly recommend this sangha for anyone who wants to move towards self enlightenment and a healthier lifestyle one breath at a time!” July 16, 2012

Rebecca Anstett

“Leanne is one of the most gifted teachers that I have ever encountered.  She is not merely a Yoga instructor, she is  LIFE instructor.  Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is superb; her wisdom of the heart is even more in-depth.  She lives by her heart centre and emanates positive energy wherever she goes.  Leanne is a mind-body-spirit warrior who promotes a raw vegan lifestyle, family values, and a commitment to continuous learning and growing!”  July 22, 2012

Top qualities:  Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Close your eyes softly. With every breath, you feel yourself getting more and more relaxed, away from the world outside and into the world of the inner you. As you inhale the sweet scent of sweetgrass or sage, you are transported to another time and place – the joyful path of the spiritual, meditative warrior. Surprisingly, you’re not being hypnotized; you are in a class at Breathe Live Believe, Green Yoga and Spiritual Sangha! BLB is one of the finest gems of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and green (ecological). The instructors are warmhearted, friendly, and knowledgeable. Leanne Wierzbicki, owner of BLB, is truly a force to be reckoned with! As a personal trainer, she became acquainted with every bone and muscle of the human body and developed the fine art of managing power vs. force – giving the personal power to her clients, never forcing, gently encouraging… with an iron-clad fist! Combined with her background in teaching, Leanne is truly a blessing and rarity as an instructor. As an individual with physical challenges, I found her teaching style positively inspiring and encouraging – the gentle warrior – bringing the fully able-bodied person out that is hidden beneath my limping, non-balanced gait. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she effortlessly modified the postures to fit my needs and challenged me to look beyond my own definition of ability to achieve a practice fully satisfying to my mind, body, and spirit. Education, dedication, and commitment – I cannot recommend Leanne Wierzbicki and Breathe Live Believe, Green Yoga and Spiritual Sangha enough.” December 2, 2011   

Denise Davis-Gains

Director/Owner, Atlas Studio

“Leanne Wierzbicki did her yoga teacher training with me a few years ago and left a strong impression on me with her passion for yoga and constant professionalism. A hard working, dedicated yogini, Leanne embraced all the teachings that were presented to her on a personal level. Leanne embodies the western approach to yoga and the benefits are apparent in her practice and teaching methodology. Leanne brings the inner peace of consistent practice and the depth of knowledge of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga together in an intelligent and sensitive style that is all her own. She brings together the academic study of the history and philosophy of yoga with the physical practice in a unique and fulfilling way that is accessible for students of all levels. I recommend Leanne as an inspiring yoga teacher.” December 29, 2011

Atlas Yoga Studio ~ Yoga Teacher Training School

Jackie McMillan

Health & Autism Consulting, Chinook Change Management

“Leanne is straight-forward and communicative, and a delight as a team member. I found her both professional and personable, hard-working, focused, and always able to stop and laugh.” August 20, 2009

Shauna Boshier

Top qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Leanne is an outstanding fitness professional. She has extensive knowledge and skills to motivate and inspire anyone to engage in healthy lifestyle choices.” September 22, 2009

Roxanne Chartrand

Top qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Leanne was of tremendous help in getting me back in shape. I had been without a trainer for about 6 months before she came into the picture. She was tough and kept me focused. However, most importantly, she cared about me as an individual and always made sure my needs were met. I must say, not only did my physical fitness improve, but my mental fitness improved also. She is a force to be reckoned with and she gets results!! I highly recommend her.” August 24, 2009

Steve Sabean

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I had trained with different personal trainers on and off and once I started with Leanne I felt I had finally found someone I was comfortable with and really cared about my fitness and health. Leanne took the time to get to know me and my training goals. That in itself was difficult because I had various conflicting goals (i.e. running and muscle building). Once my goals were established Leanne designed a very comprehensive workout program. I was very impressed with how detailed and specific it was for me. And before I could get bored with the routine, Leanne was quick to update the program based on my progress and changing goals.

Leanne kept me motivated and continuously encouraged me to workout harder, more often and not to forget the importance of warm-ups and stretching.

What I really liked was that beyond being a personal trainer Leanne would talk about other healthy activities such as Yoga and nutrition, encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle. Whatever my other health and fitness interests were outside of my program, Leanne would send articles and email links. It is apparent that Leanne not only talked about it but lived and breathed a healthy living.” August 18, 2009

Sarah Lundin

“Leanne Wierzbicki was my personal trainer in 2007/08. She trained me twice per week for several months during my first year of university to prepare me for bush firefighting training.

Leanne is a very organized, knowledgeable and extremely competent trainer. She challenged me to push my limits while keeping my comfort in mind. She is very excited and enthusiastic about her work all the time and made my training a very enjoyable and memorable experience.  Not only was I able to get into proper shape for the summer, but I also learned a lot about the technical aspects of each exercise and how it affected the targeted muscles.

She has great communication skills and a kind and fun take on fitness training.  I felt that I gained much more knowledge about fitness and nutrition than I would have with any other trainer.

I would highly recommend Leanne as she is a very valuable asset to any organization.” August, 2009

Professional Standards Assistant

I have attended YFFR regularly since last February when the program began. Only four months into participating in this class my Dr. lowered my blood pressure medication in half. She applauded this lifestyle change that has significantly improved my health.

I have continued regular attendance in YFFR and anticipate being blood pressure medication free in the foreseeable future.

Fire Prevention Officer

I’m typically not one to make public endorsements; however, because of the impact that the Yoga For First Responders program has had on me I wanted to take a moment to do that now.  I have spent the last 18 years in the fire service and I can’t begin to describe the impact this career has had on my life in both positive and negative ways.  As first responders we all deal with traumatic events that we carry with us forever.  I believe we gain our strength to overcome these events and to cope with them afterwards through our fellowship and teamwork.  I thoroughly enjoy my job and the opportunity to help make Thunder Bay a safer place to live.  I also take pride in knowing that I work for an employer that provides and endorses programs such as YFFR to help me.  Providing YFFR in the workplace has helped to continue our team building after hours.  Personally YFFR has helped me physically and mentally to release issues that I have accumulated over time.  I have incorporated many aspects of the practice into my daily life and have used it often when dealing with stressful situations.  It has definitely made me a better first responder and a better person.  Thank you Leanne; for providing excellent yoga instruction, making each class open and welcoming and tailoring it to fit our individual needs.

Executive Assistant to Chief of EMS

Hi Leanne,
It has been almost a year since you started doing the Yoga for First Responder classes here at EMS HQ on Junot Ave.  I know I thank you after each session but I am writing to formally thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your guided classes.

You know your stuff and you believe in it.  It shows and I feel it. I highly recommend your class to anyone who works in a high stress field, or anyone for that matter.  The skills and techniques you teach us are transferrable to every aspect of our life.  Not only do I feel relaxed yet physically energized when I leave your class, I feel lighter emotionally.  My perspective actually gets an adjustment and I look forward to each class.

You definitely have found a niche and I feel fortunate to benefit from it.  Keep up the awesome work!!

Kudos also to my employer, The City of Thunder Bay, for taking a proactive and healthy approach to assist us, their people, in enhancing our lives at work and at home.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

For me, YFFR is a process for making positive changes in my life and lifestyle. It’s helping me become the me I want to be. Thank you!



Guess who attended a Raw Vegan Whole Food Workshop hosted by Breathe Live Believe yesterday evening!? That was number #2 on my New Years resolution list. Those words might sound a little scary and “out there” for some of you, and that’s perfectly okay! I had so much fun learning all about the health benefits of raw living food and how to prepare enzyme rich raw food meals!

Last night was an awesome experience. Leanne took us on a tour of her kitchen as she shared her knowledge of raw food living. Luckily for her when it was time for us to co-create our dinner, she did not have to do any convincing! We were there to eat, learn and try. It was actually just nice that I got to eat a raw and vegan meal in the company of others! Im usually the chef and lone wolf  .

Here’s what we created:

1. Raw Seaweed Salad 
2. Cheezy Sweet Potato Alfredo 
3. Chia Chai Pudding 
4. Mocha Chill Longevity Elixir

Keep in mind that nothing was heated! But WOW, they were soo good. I can’t wait to get creative in the kitchen.

All of these recipes can be found in her up and coming recipe book! I highly recommend following her page.

What did I try that was brand new for me? Spiralized raw sweet potato. Don’t knock it until you try it! 

Although I was familiar and comfortable with many of the tips and hints she was sharing, I still walked away with a fresh perspective. I was reminded why I became interested in a raw and vegan lifestyle and what the benefits are.

As she said many times through out the evening that we shouldn’t take her word for the facts she was sharing and that we should explore the topic more to form our own opinions. I LOVE that and I encourage you to do the same if there’s anything that you’re curious about  .

I was also reminded that when it comes to being vegan or living a raw food lifestyle, that there’s no such thing as right or wrong. Everyone has different needs and preferences. If you choose to be vegetarian with a dash of vegan and a pinch of a raw food diet, then that’s okay! It’s up to you to decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

Healthy Vibes: https://www.facebook. com/Healthy-Vibes- 1541850532695865/


At the end of September 2018, I graduated from the Breath Live Believe Holistic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (BLBYTT200) taught by Leanne Wierzbicki, CYA-E-RYT500, BEd, HBA Eng. This was an intense and immersive training program spread out over 10 months. My goal in taking this training was to deepen my personal practice. I had already been practicing yoga asanas for 20 years.

This course truly did deepen and expand my practice. There is so much to learn about the ancient traditions of yoga. I am grateful that my first exposure to delving deeper in these traditions was through the Breath Live Believe program. I was able to become immersed in a program offered in my own area allowing me to continue on with my day-to-day responsibilities. I was exposed to fabulous reading material and guest speakers. I learned the mechanics of the poses by learning about the anatomy. Working on my portfolios expanded my research and organizational skills. I was enlightened to the different types of yoga such as Karma and Bhakti. Even though there is so much more to learn about these 5,000 year old teachings, I am amazed by what I learned in 10 months.

Leanne is an awesome, knowledgeable, and caring teacher. I am motivated to continue on this journey using the skills I learned through this program. Though my intent in taking this program was to deepen my own personal practice, I do have the ability, knowledge, and confidence to begin a journey of sharing what I learned with others.

I highly recommend this program.

Constable, Thunder Bay Police

Yoga.  Right. This is where most hold their fingers and make a humming sound.    

This is not that.  Mostly

The yoga for first responders is presented is such a way as to allow for all the issues that we deal with everyday, the stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, frustration, stupid etc to be let go.  For an hour.   Over time hopefully producing a more relaxed and alert staff.

or maybe something like…  

Thank you.   Yoga seems to be allowing me to sleep for more than 3 and half hours at a time!!

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