High Vibration Living Coaching

Life can be challenging, throwing us for a loop, but it can also be gloriously Divine and filled with happiness and abundance.  I offer coaching in various areas of what I like to call High Vibration Living, including Yogic Lifestyle, Vegan and Raw Living Foods, Superfoods, Superherbs, and Wild Foods, Holistic and Spiritual Health, Green Living, Finding Your Purpose, and Holistic Healing.  We all can manifest and live the life of our dreams when we pair our Divine intelligence with a little (or a lot of!) support and guidance.  High Vibration Living Coaching is offered via phone, skype, or in person so I can connect with you wherever you are in this beautiful world.  In the words of Louise Hay, “You can heal your life!”  Set your intentions, put it out there to the Universe, and let it be so!  And always, Breathe deeply, Live fully, and Believe.

High Vibration Living Coaching Pricing

21+ Sessions (ea)

60 minutes $75
75 minutes $95
90 minutes $115

11-20 Sessions (ea)

60 minutes $80
75 minutes $100
90 minutes $120

1-10 Sessions (ea)

60 minutes $85
75 minutes $105
90 minutes $125

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